Where do I find the APP?

The app is in Google Play and Apple App Store by the name myTU

Download myTU mobile banking app

Required steps to open an account

Start your registration

  • 1 Select app language
  • 2 Review and accept policies and agreements
  • 3 Enter your phone number
  • 4 Enter 5 digits received via SMS
  • 5 Review consent about personal (biometric) data handling

Verify your identity

  • 6 Allow required accesses.
  • 7 Prepare your ID Card or Passport. You will also need Residency Permit if you are not a citizen of EEA.
  • 8 Scan your documents with the app camera.
  • 9​​ Show your face (from far and from up closer)


  • 10 Set your account access code
  • 11 Provide fingerprint or face ID for Biometric key
  • 12 Now wait a few minutes while we verify your identity
  • 13 Fill up questionnaire, required by law

Not sure if you will like it?

Install and try app demo before giving out any personal information.