Where do I find the APP?

The app is in Google Play and Apple App Store by the name myTU

Register your device

  • read privacy policy and terms&conditions​
  • enter phone number ​
  • enter 5 digits that you received via SMS ​
  • set your account access code ​
  • provide fingerprint/face ID 
  • allow access to contacts, location, camera

Verify your identity

  • prepare your ID Card or Passport. You will also need Residency Permit if you are not a citizen for EEA
  • show your documents to app camera, it will automatically capture when properly framed
  • show your face from far​
  • show your face from up close​
  • now wait a few minutes while we verify your identity

Not sure if you will like it?

Install and try app demo before giving out any personal information.